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Book vs. Movie: Two In One Day

Quite by accident, last Thursday I was lucky enough to see two movie adaptations in theaters.  The first was a last-minute plan to see one of my friends from middle school again - we both love the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, so we saw the new Sea of Monsters movie.  Later that day I learned that several of my friends were going to see City of Bones at this crappy little theater on Queens Boulevard, so I ended up going to the movies with them too :)  It was a marvelous, mindless movie-watching sort of day.  Yes I just alliterized.  Yes I just invented the verb form of 'alliteration.'
     Anyway.  Movie review #1.  The book The Sea of Monsters is the second book of a YA series following the adventures of Percy Jackson and his friends, who live in modern-day New York City but are the magical offspring of Ancient Greek gods and humans.  The beginning was very promising: It was funny, it incorporated all sorts of mythical whimsy, the main plot points of the book we…