Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review of LIT Crawl: May 2014

          Hello!!!  I'm feeling very cheerful tonight, because a few hours ago I went to an event called LIT Crawl and had a wonderful time.  And since it was a literary event, I thought I'd share it with you-all.
          LIT Crawl is an event that takes place once a month in Brooklyn.  It is like a pub crawl in that many businesses (including bars) take part in it, but that is where the similarity ends, because instead of offering discounted alcohol, these businesses host free (!!) literary events all night long (or at least from 5:00 to 8:00 pm).  These events occur in three shifts so that people can fit in three different events in one night.  The events change from month to month, but they vary pretty widely.  For example, tonight I went to a performance art/poetry reading in a laundromat, in which the two performers danced on top of washing machines and discussed the voyeuristic and weirdly personal experiences one often has while doing one's laundry in a public place.  Then I had dinner at a ramen restaurant and listened to a Liars' Club NYC short story reading.  This was immediately followed by a hilarious drinking game based on the awesome children's book The Phantom Tollbooth (my friends and I substituted ice water for beer, in case you were concerned).  And these were only three of the events taking place that night!  Honestly, if you're in New York City for the next LIT Crawl and are at all literary-minded, I recommend that you go.
          Check out the website here!
     - Carly