Friday, March 15, 2013

Storage Ideas for Bibliophiles With No Extra Space

Are you out of space to put your burgeoning collection of books?  Or are traditional shelving units just too mainstream?  Never fear: Today's post is all about interesting, maximum-space-saving new ways to store your books!   Try:

1. A hollow ottoman/coffee table!


2. A painted bookshelf!  Ok, so this isn't a space-saver, but it's just so pretty...
Rainbow bookshelves

3. A trundle bed book drawer!

4. A bookshelf chair!

5. A carved-up staircase!

6. Replace your wall with a solid bookshelf!

7. Hanging bins!

8. Make furniture out of your books!

9. Use your closet!  Because who needs clothes when you spend all your time indoors, in the dark, reading Harry Potter?!

10. Embrace the clutter!  There comes a time in every bibliophile's life when she must admit that there is no organizing this mess.  Once you understand this, you have achieved literary Nirvana.

Love and clutter,

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