Sunday, October 12, 2014

Goals for Book-Loving Losers

A mini-library in Park Slope, Brooklyn
- GOD it's so cute
     For me, this time of year means nonstop action - essays, tests, cross-country practices, holidays, and rushed, chilly walks to the subway.  I like being busy, but often when I'm studying and hurrying I find myself fantasizing about the all reading I'd do if I had any spare time.  I think I would be much more educated and cultured if my teachers just shut me up in a room with a load of books, rather than expecting me to come to school.  Oh well.
     Here are my fantasy reading goals for sometime when I have more time.  (And if you happen to have a lot of time right now, why not attempt one?)

1. Read a ridiculously long book - War and Peace, or the Bible, or the entirety of that endless series about feral cat colonies, Warriors - and admit to yourself that you're mostly reading it so that you can tell people you read it.
2. Go camping/sit in a shed/climb up a tree/acquire a hermitage and read Walden.
3. Write a fan-fiction.
4. Shop at an independent book store - if you're in New York City, try the Strand, Books of Wonder, or St. Mark's Bookshop.
5. Go to LIT Crawl!
7. Build and stock a mini-library.
8. See an actually good book-to-movie adaptation.
9. Acquire this necklace from Out of Print clothing.  1984 reference?  Anyone?
10. Read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Seriously, how can I call myself a fantasy-lover and still have never read it?  It's embarrassing.

     - Carly


  1. Hahaha, Lord of the Rings Trilogy is overrated...or so I've heard :D
    I wish to build a mini library now, after seeing this photo...omg...I NEED IT SO BADLY!

  2. I tried several times to get through all of the LOTR books and failed miserably. Hehe. Too much detail! I enjoyed the movies :D I adore Little Libraries. We have a ton around here and I'm afraid I've been taking more than I've been giving away, lately. This is probably because I keep forgetting to bring the books I don't want with me. Heh. I think I will do that next weekend! :P

    - Anna


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