Monday, February 17, 2014

Prey By: Michael Crichton

Prey by Michael Chrichton is the story of a man named Jack Forman who is hired to help track down escaped nano particles. These particles were being created and programed to be cameras for the government to track targets with. The idea was that they would be programed to track a specific person or group and they would't return until the desired information was obtained. Jack himself (before he was fired) created the programing this company used in the escaped nano particles. They are self sustaining and are programed to problem solve in ways that make the cloud, as it is referred to, learn from each action taken to trap it. As Jack continues to work with the other scientists in the facility he learns there is much more to the cloud than any of them knew could be possible. He also discovers that there is a secret his wife, Julia, and their boss, Ricky Morse, are not sharing with him. A secret that would be very valuable to know while he was interacting with the cloud.
This book was impossible to put down, I have read it a total of three times through in the last four or five months and each time I read it I become that annoying girl who is reading a book while she walks down the street. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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