Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Never Thought I'd Write an Obituary

     My non-fiction writing idol, William Zinsser, died last Tuesday at the age of 92.  I didn't know him but I spoke to him once on the phone, to interview him for this blog.  
     It's a strange thing when someone you adored from a distance dies.  I'm not grieving, although I feel for his family and friends, who must be.  I just wish he was still out in the world, advocating simplicity and advising writers.  I knew that he was old, but I didn't think about the implications of his age.  I had hoped that if I ever wrote a memoir, he might want to see it.  An improbable fantasy - but now it's impossible.  
     It's also strange that Zinsser's death should come in the same week as the anniversary of another, more personal death.  I don't know.  It is sad that these people aren't here anymore.  I feel Zinsser's absence like I would feel the loss of a molar.  
     This isn't much of an obituary - sorry.  This is just to say that I'm going to miss knowing that William Zinsser is alive.

     - Carly

The New York Times obituary -
it's a lot more detailed than mine, go check it out

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  1. I loved mister Zinsser's book and I was so thrilled when you posted that interview, it was so nice of him to answer all of the questions and he always sounds like a wonderful man in his book and in your interview. Maybe I should reread his book again, he will be missed a lot :(


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