Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Websites Built for Bibliophiles

     So I love to read, but I am also a child of the Digital Age, so I spent a fair amount of time screwing around on the Internet.  As a result, I frequent a lot of book-centric websites.  Here are a few of my favorites!

I can't tell you how helpful this little search engine is.  Just type in the name of a book you like and it will pull up a list of related recommendations.
This is Orson Scott Card's blog.  Through it, he imparts his writer-ly wisdom.  You all know how much I love Card, so you can probably guess what I think of this site.
The magazine is famous, but who has the money to subscribe?  I like rummaging through the site's archives, reading essays and stories from old issues.
Before you tear me to pieces, allow me to explain.  I'm not suggesting that y'all read Sparknotes instead of actual books.  I would never condone such treachery!  I've found that the Sparknotes website is actually a hub of nerd activity (as I write this, "This week's Sherlock Geek Quiz is anything but elementary" and "Welcome to the jelly-filled heart of Panem!" are among the most popular posts).  
Now that I think about it, though, it makes complete sense that Sparknotes would be full of nerds.
I shake with laughter every time I scroll through this account.  CHECK IT OUT.

     - Carly

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